Do you want to do your part to preserve your environment? Then join us today! As a part of our commitment to the environment, Mastrangelo Fuels offers specialty products.

We realize the concerns for environmental safety. That’s why our products ensure that your business has the means to operate safely without disturbing the balance of nature. The knowledge that we are preserving the resources for future generations gives us great satisfaction.

"We realize the concerns for environmental safety"



ThermaClean is an innovative new home heating fuel that burns even cleaner with less smoke and soot deposits than regular fuel. ThermaClean helps lessen the impact of home heating on the environment while protecting your heating system and oil tank. It's one small step that we can take to help keep the environment a little cleaner for our children and grandchildren. Every bit helps.

How It Works

A special set of additives is combined with the heating fuel when it is delivered to your home. These additives help ThermaClean burn cleaner and more efficiently, while reducing smoke, soot and corrosion. Resulting in:

  • Reduced emissions
  • Protection for your oil tank
  • Reduced fuel costs**

Tests conducted by an independent laboratory showed a dramatic increase in burner cleanliness and efficiency when using the additives found in ThermaClean.

**Actual results may vary based on type, age and condition of furnace and furnace components.


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