Purity TM FG2 and Purity TM FGOO greases are advanced food-grade lubricants specially formulated to deliver exceptional performance and food-grade purity under the highly demanding conditions of food processing operations. They can be used in a wide range of food processing applications including sleeve and anti-friction bearings, slides, guides and couplings found on food processing machinery.

Greases exhibit good low temperature pumpability and excellent resistance to water wash-out and spray loss. In addition, they are cream in colour, have exceptional anti-wear and EP properties and protect against rust and corrosion.

Other Purity TM products available are FG2 Synthetic, FG2 Extreme, FG2 Clear, FG2 with Microl and FG@ with Microl Max. Inquire at Mastrangelo Fuels for your food-grade product needs.

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